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Does the Internet now belong to China? 

I hadn't realized that there are now more people in China on the Internet then there are people (on or off-line) in the US.

China toughens Internet rules - Yahoo! News

It makes you wonder about where the bulk of the Internet will be in a few years with most of the Internet users and some of the best hackers being in China.

Google attack puts spotlight on China's "red" hackers - Reuters


QOD: Plagiarism is the 2nd best form of flattery ... 

... however direct quoting is better.

-- Tom Sayles


Nothing to celebrate on Public Domain Day 2010 in the US 

It's sad but true that there was "Nothing to celebrate on Public Domain Day 2010 in the US".

While most music use for vaulting probably comes under Fair Use because we are fundamentally educating kids, the licensing issues are probably one of our sport's biggest obstacles to long term growth.

Think about all the wonderful computer software and video games from the 80s that would start passing into the public domain this decade it it were not for relatively copyright extensions. As the laws stand now much of that software will likely be lost forever because the copyright holders have gone out of business and the cost of "clearing" the works economically impossible to republish. The only solution is for groups of enthusiasts to quietly pirate copies and hope that no one complains.


Injury Update 12/20 

It's now been four weeks since Lena crunched me up and rolled me out a stall door. My sprained neck continues to improve a little bit every day. On Friday afternoon I had my first ever chiropractic treatment. After the treatment I went out to my Jeep and when I went to back out of the parking spot, I found that I could turn my neck significantly further then when I had arrived for the appointment. I'm also going longer and longer periods without any pain meds, including the over the counter acetaminophen.

Today I did my first full workout with Lena since the accident. We both worked hard and both have some strength / conditioning to rebuild.


Neck x-ray & Injury Update 

Neck x-ray
Originally uploaded by TSayles
This is one of the x-rays of my neck taken on Nov. 22, 2009. The yellow circle shows where my neck bones have been displaced by a few millimeters.

I saw my primary care physician just after Thanksgiving weekend. Diagnosis was a sprained neck with a four to six week expected recovery time. Since then my recovery has progressed though it has plateaued over the last week or so. Early this week I made my first visit to a chiropractor, Dr. Brown, in Issaquah. But before he can do much for me he needs to see the x-rays. So that's how I ended up with a CD-ROM with my x-rays. I hope to get back in to see him again before I head down to Glendale for x-mass.


Hot fresh cookies 

Hot fresh cookies
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I wanted something sweet, so I made cookie dough. First six cookies fresh out of the oven. Rest of dough is in freezer.


Injury Update, Sunday 11/29 

I spent Thursday, Friday and most of Saturday, intensely resting and trying to heal from last Sunday's accident. This meant no horse activities, no-computer, no cooking Turkey, very little phone and very little texting. Progress has been slow with a few setbacks along the way. I did make a second trip in to the Group Health urgent care on Saturday morning to get some new pains checked out and meds refilled. But this afternoon I finally felt improved enough to resume an almost normal activity level again. I still have some limits to range of motion in my neck and two or three specific muscles that complain, loudly, when overused. Still have a black eye. While the muscles for driving have recovered, sitting in a low-backed chair and/or typing is very tiring. Walking around is also fine, as long as my right arm/shoulder isn't too tired. I'm hoping to resume a full work schedule tomorrow, though with limits on a number of activities. I have an appointment late Tuesday morning with my Primary Care Physician, Dr. Zeidman at Group Health in Redmond, after which I hope to have a more detailed recovery plan / time-line.

Big thanks to Alison for keeping tabs on me and being a knowledgeable resource. Also thanks to everyone who has offered to help out.

QoD: Healing takes courage... 

Norval Rhodes (NorvalRhodes) on Twitter:
Healing takes courage, and we all have courage, even if we have to dig a little to find it. -Tori Amos