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Incorrect Route Shield, SR-202 @ 292nd Ave NE 

The resent signal project on SR-202 west of Fall City at 292nd Ave NE placed a confirmation sign with a US-202 route shield along the eastbound departure from the intersection. [US-202 runs from from Delaware to Maine.] The correct sign should have a George Washington silhouette.


Day Against DRM is sponsoring a "Day Against DRM" today in an effort to spread the word about the trials, tribulations, and general badness of digital rights management schemes.

"Defeating DRM is all about awareness. The direct actions that we have taken are all about this. Whether it means protesting outside Apple Stores in Hazmat suits or getting HUGE press coverage for announcing the Bono petition. Action gets attention, and creates space for debate. And as our friends at Disney recognize, if there is a debate, we will have won." --

Digital Rights Management is a myth. Any content or intellectual property that can be used, weather it be audio, video, software, or even designs of physical devices, can and will be copied or functionally replicated by anyone anywhere at an ever decreasing cost. This is a direct and irrepressible result of the cost of communication approaching zero. There is no technology that has ever existed or will ever exist that can prevent this in a free and open society.

Passing legislation and regulations in an attempt to keep the Earth at the center of the Universe did not change reality and it seriously impeded the progress of human culture and society. Likewise our current system of intellectual property has out lived its usefulness and is causing more harm to our society and culture then benefit.

It's time for those that normally sit on the sidelines of political debates to stand up, speak out, and take back our culture, our communities and our nation.

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Ancient Rome's 9/11 - and what happened after 

Extremely interesting read! Could this be a prediction of what is to come in America?

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