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Hay truck! 


Safe Trailering 

Happy Horses
Originally uploaded by TSayles
As Fran pointed out, safe trailering is important skill for all horse owners and horses. And Tammy Denault (of Dreamswept Farm) is, IMHO, one of the best. Together we have hauled horses thousands of miles, and I have learned much from her. And this photo is a good example of doing things right.

The importance of good trailering skills, especially in an emergency, can't be under estimated. The farm, where I live, experienced this first hand last January, when our vaulting horse was evacuated during the flood. The last thing you want to do an emergency is spend an hour or more trying to get a horse into a trailer.

Sorry Hoof Blog, ... 

Fran --

Sorry, but your Hoof Blog, is not copyleft compatible. So you may not use my Happy Horses photo or any of my images, until you open up your licensing practices. [I not a big supporter the whole uptight permission based culture.]

Happy Horses

If you got with the future and supported the creative commons, you wouldn't have to ask permission.

-- Tom Sayles

Hello, Tom,

I wondered if I could ask permission to download and use your photo called "Happy Horses"...because it is just that!

I am a blogger who specializes in horse health and I need to show some well-cared for horses being transported. One need is for an educational series of articles on how to evacuate horses safely and sanely if a hurricane or forest fire is a threat. The other is what to do if you are already on the road and there is a disease problem, as happened this week to any horse that traveled through Texas or originated there.

You'd think such photos would be easy to find, but they're not. There is usually some little safety glitch or another in the photo, but yours passes all the tests.

We would be so grateful if you'd allow me to use it. It's ok to say no. I don't have a budget for paying for photos but you can know that your image maybe made people stop and read an article that they might have skipped over, otherwise.

And it might just save their horses' lives.

Thanks very much. I have never seen candid photos of vaulters before. Very interesting!

All the best,
Fran Jurga

Wow. Publishing from anyware is getting easier and easier. For example this was sent as an sms from my phone.