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Blogging as Social Tool 

At Gnomedex this morning I experienced a truly moving
presentation by Julie Leung, that I really enjoyed.

Gnomedex Going Well 

The Gnomedex conference I went last night [Thursday] and all day today [Friday], is going very well. I've met plenty of interesting and influential people in the Blogging and Podcasting community. More importantly I've gotten my name and the name of my blog / podcast heard by the entire audience several times, mostly by asking interesting and relevant questions.

For more information about what's going on at the conference check out the Wiki.

I'd also like to remind anyone from the conference that's visiting my site this weekend that I'm just in the early stages of developing my vision for TomS Words of Wisdom and that they should be sure to check back this Fall when I plan to have some interesting and compelling content. Listen for promos on some of your favorite podcasts.


I'm a podcaster! 

I finally got my first podcasts posted, here. I'm still working out some of the various details, like what bitrates are best. I'm also hoping to automate much of the post-processor so that I can get my podcasts up within a day of when I recorded them.