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Very busy week/weekend 

Been very busy getting ready for a competition down at DevonWood this weekend. Still have lots to do before I head out, hopefully some time mid-day Friday.

Looks like the vaulting may take somewhat of a break over the Memorial Day weekend. So I'm hoping to do some major web site updates, including the launch of my podcasts.


Feature Request: structured Blog Entries for Hello/Picassa 

I've been using Google's Picassa to manage my pictures for the past several weeks. It's really cool tool. Highly recommended.

This evening I posted a couple of pictures right from Picassa using their Hello product/service. It left a little to be desired so I sent folks at Hello/Picassa/Google a feature request that more or less said the following.

I'd like the next version of Hello to include a more structured way to post pictures to my Blogger blogs. I'd especially like the ability to give posts a title and more options for posting multiple images. I'd also like to see more formatting options for the resulting posts. Maybe by adding a CSS reference to my template pointing to some Hello/Picassa/Google defined styles used in posts via Hello.

No reply required, just pass this on to your development team.

Oh yah... a Linux versions of Picassa, Hello, etc. would be nice too. [I'm using Debian w/ Gnome.]

New Hat 

Grandma safe version of me in my new hat. Posted by Hello

Me in my new navy blue "Gangster" fedora. Posted by Hello


More info on Podcasting 

Daily Source Code
A daily audio blog post by Adam Curry in mp3

This podcast tends to have some good information and perspective form some of the early movers and shakers in podcasting. I've been listening to Adam's show for a bout a week now and I think he presents an interesting perspective on podcasting. (Skip over the flying stuff.)

The Podshow Strategy 'cast 2.0, recorded on location in New York by Adam Curry and Ron Bloom present a very good (though not concise) assessment of where podcasting might be going in the near future.

Podcast Alley
Podcast Alley is the podcast lovers portal. Featuring the best Podcast Directory and the Top 10 podcasts (as voted on by the listeners). You will also find podcast software, the podcast forum and great podcasting info.

Other interesting related links.
iPodder The default podcasting client / downloading tool.
Download iPodder software


RSS and Podcasting 

As I've been spending plenty of time in my Jeep driving to and from composite team practices, so I decided to look into this thing I heard about called "podcasting". It turns out to be a really amazing confluents of technologies, primarily portable digital media players (like the iPod) and Really Simple Syndication [RSS]. It feels like a "killer app" on the up swing to me. [By a "killer app" I mean a wildly popular application looking for supporting technologies, not cool new technology in search of a use.] So I'm setting out to become an expert in it, in the hops that it will lead me back into being a well paid professional computer geek.

As soon as I get a few more bits set up, I hope to start a podcast version of this blog (that I can create content for while I'm driving) and maybe a "PunFight" podcast.

Insanely Busy 

Sorry that it's been over a month since my last post. I've been insanely busy, both at work and coaching vaulting as many as five times a week.

In addition to my normal work at the toothbrush factory, for the past five weeks I've been covering for at least two of my coworkers. Which has lead to a couple of long days. One is out on maternity leave. Two others have vacation time they have been needing to use or loose.

Since my last post I've successfully lead the Cascade Vaulters have through our first two competitions. Check the club web site for photos and details. Many thanks to Tamea Denault and the Emerald City Vaulters for their help and the use of their horses.

I've also been playing a much more central role coaching the NW Ladies composite team. I'm the primary technical person for the composite team preparing music, etc. We've also been recording digital video at the end of each practice for review at the start off the next practice and by doing so really accelerated our progress. But it means an additional hour or so of prep time between composite team practices [twice a week], dumping the video off my camera, editing the segments together and burning them on CD.

To top this all off I've decided that it's time to look for a new job outside the toothbrush factory, so I've been posting resumes, applying for jobs and going on interviews.