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Mt. St. Helens 

I took some time out of my very busy schedule a little over a week ago to visit Mt. St Helens. Evidence of that week’s eruption and ash fall were still evident as a gray dusting on the east side of the mountain’s crater and east slopes. Steam rose almost continuously from the lava dome and the dome was noticeably bigger than my last trip.

Mt. St. Helens 2005-03-11

In other news, I’ve been getting the Cascade Vaulters ready for our first competition on March 19. It was just a barrel fest, but had competitors from most of the clubs in our region. I’ve been spending time editing music, composing freestyle routines, and developing lesson plans.

Also one of my vaulters, Sandy, is participating in composite team with the Emerald City and Mt. Rainier Vaulters. I’ve been active in coaching this composite team and preparing the team’s music. As part of this effort I’ve been attending a practice in Buckley, WA every Monday after work.

On Feb. 26th we had Penny Maydack came up from Scapoose, OR and gave a clinic for the Cascade Vaulters. After practice Penny and I had lunch at Ixtapa (the Cascade Vaulter’s official after practice meeting location) and spent several hours working as the Ad Hoc Bylaws Committee on revising our region’s bylaws and rules.


Best Sandwich = Reuben 

A good Reuben is everything a sandwich should be and more.

The problem is finding a good one, as not all Reubens are created equal. Those who have tasted this holy grail of sandwiches are compelled to undertake the perpetual hunt for the best Reuben. In my twenty plus year quest, the best I've found was at Padows in downtown Richmond, VA back in '96.

Anybody know a good Reuben in the greater Seattle? Or even western Washington. (A really good Reuben is worth the drive.)

Padows in downtown Richmond, VA circa 1996