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While I was down in LA, I worked with my Dad to make some improvements to his web site. I taught him how to use a Cascading Style Sheet (.css) file to give his pages a little better look and feel. I also tried again to get him to start using Blogger as his main publishing tool, but too much of his site is non-liner / non-chronological. [The over all navigation is a mess.]
On the way back to Seattle, I conceptualized a new blogging tool specialized for runners, like my Dad. The result is a new web project that I'm working on, RaceWriter.


Back In Bellevue 

Arrived home safely at 5:40. Traffic from Salem north
was heavy but moving.
I found out from my housemate that the recycling truck
knocked down the cable connection again. So no
Internet until Monday.


Around The Snow 

After sleeping in Eureka, got a good start about six
AM. Stopped in Crescent City for gas just as it was
getting light. Found about two miles of slushy snow
near the OR state line. Rest of drive has been
uneventful, with light rain. ETA 1800


Made It To Eureka 

Left LA about 1045. Drive so far has been uneventful,
except for a little light rain.
Expect to get about eight hours of sleep then back on
the road. Should get to Crescent City about first

Heading back to WA via cost route 

I'm headed back to western Washington via the coastal route due to snow forecast for the Siskiyous. Will be heading up I-5, then out to US-101 near the SF Bay area. Will overnight in Eureka. I plan to get an early start Sunday getting to Crescent City about first light, then over to Grant's Pass, OR hopefully before the snow level drops below the pass level.



Last night I went to a Trans-Siberian Orchestra performance at the Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim, CA, with my Mom and my niece. Was a wonderful performance. I especially liked the electric violin, keyboards and the special effects (lasers pyrotechnics, etc.). The ending / encore was truly amazing.
The audience was overly sedate, given the amount of heavy metal / rock concert look and feel that the show had. I've seen more animated audiences at philharmonic performances back east.
After the performance we managed to briefly hook up with Michael Lanning, a long time friend of my Mom's, and got to visit a little back stage.
If you like classical music and/or heavy metal, I would highly recommend catching a the when it comes to your city.


Showing off how I post blog Entries 

Spent much time today working on my parent's computers and their web site.


In LA For Christmas 

Arrived in Glendale about 4:30 this afternoon. Very soon after I got to my parent's condo, we headed out to my brothers place for dinner with Ed, Laura, Nicole & Jack.


After dinner we hung out at their house until Jack's bed time.


On the Way to LA 

Left Bellevue about 1100. Made it to Redding in just
under twelve hours, including stops for food, fuel,
ETA 1800ish


Tom & The Trencher 

Here's a photo that my housemate(s) took this past summer as we were replacing the drain pipe that runs along side the driveway.

Tom and the Trencher

I like working with big tools!


No good deed goes unpunished 

Toady I was informed, in a somewhat formal meeting with my supervisor, that my initiative to develop and deploy an open source barcoding tool for my co-workers to use has been rejected because our legal department is fearful about using software that is covered by the GNU Lesser General Public License. This despite the facts that: 1) Another division of our company (like many other companies) manufactures and distributes a Tivo which includes many software components covered by the exact same license and even the more restrictive GNU General Public License. And 2) that our upper management has historically been strong supporters of open standards such as the compact disk and the universal serial bus. Oh well, this in and of itself is simply an example of the old adage that the quickest way to kill a good initiative, is to consult the legal department.
As if simple rejection weren't enough punishment, I was also informed that my web site included or contained inappropriate "self promotion" using the {Employer’s Name Removed} name [and/or trademarks?]. While parts of my web site, including TomS Barcode Bonanza, are blatant self-promotion, I thought that my referential use of the {Employer’s Name Removed} name was typically editorial in nature. And I certainly haven't tried to pass my self off an official spokesman for {Employer’s Name Removed}. I've even tried to link to official {Employer’s Name Removed} sites for those who are looking for that kind of information and stumbled across my site instead.
For the most part I've been proud to be an employee of {Employer’s Name Removed}. So I am somewhat disheartened, that I feel I need to censor my web site to keep from offending my employer. So in the coming weeks, I will be updating various past posts to my blog and other pages to reflect this paranoia.