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Spamming Google Maps 

Slashdot | Spamming Google Maps:

With the increase in the availability of aerial and space photography, it seems that painted roof advertising might make a come back.


Snowy Sunset 

Snowy Sunset
Originally uploaded by TSayles.
Wednesday's snow storm hit during vaulting practice. So we ended early, but it still took hours for some of us to get home.

After work Thursday I stopped by the barn and took a bunch of photos, which I've posted to my Flickr account.


Company develops virtual meal technology 

I ran across this AP story and was wondering if it could be used with the digital picture frames that my mom and grandma got for Christmas.

Happy New Year 

All said and done, 2006 was a relatively good year for me.

May your 2007 be the best that it can be.


Yes, I'm recycling photos.