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Feedback Message Regarding Susan K. Kichline at EEG Recruiting 

I starting to get really annoyed by recruiters, like Susan K. Kichline and the Kody More I wrote about back in July, that can't keep track of who they have contacted and who they have received resumes from.

Susan initially contacted me on March 7, 2008 and I replied with a resume and an expression of interest in Seattle area positions.

On March 20 I received another, almost identical, "Dear Candidate:" e-mail message to the same e-mail address. After that near duplicate message it was obvious that Susan wasn't keeping track of who she contacted and/or not reviewing her cold contact e-mail list for duplicates. So I e-mailed her and warned her that this was a problem that made her look bad and that she and her company, EEG Recruiting, needed to fix this.

Her reply on March 26 was:
Unfortunately, because the search is done on criteria, and not on specific names, if you do not want to receive any emails, please delete your information off of the internet job sites.
Thanks for your understanding,
On April 11 I received a third almost identical, "Dear Candidate:" e-mail message to the same e-mail address. So, on April 18 I finially got around to responding by posting the following to EEG Recruiting's "contact us" webpage, then wrote this blog entry.
"Despite a previous polite reply with the requested information and a warning about again being contacted, your agent "Susan K. Kichline" sent an identical "Dear Candidate:" e-mail message. I take this as a real sign of cluelessness on the part of your employee, and incompetence on the part of your company in not properly managing prospective candidate data. And I do not wish to work with your company now or in the future.

Please remove my resume from your records and add my e-mail address to your do not contact list. If I receive another "Dear Candidate:" e-mail message form Susan K. Kichline or from any of your agents I will report this as e-mail abuse to your ISP and to the local authorities."
It looks like there's a real business opportunity for anyone that's wiling to bring real CRM technology to recruiting companies like EEG Recruiting who employ recruiters, like Susan K. Kichline.

Within 12 hours of the initial posting, my blog post was listed as the number 2 site when searching Google on "Susan K. Kichline", and in the top 20 when searching on "EEG Recruiting".

Additional Follow-up:
I got and then sent the following replies to the website contact form posting I mentioned above.

Administrator wrote:
> Tom, did you use the remove link at the bottom of her email?

I did follow the remove link yesterday, when I decided to cut off working with your company. Before that I was willing to be contacted by Susan K. Kichline or by your company about specific jobs that might be of interest and that's why I sent a resume and information about location preferences when I was first contacted in early March.

The point is that her / your candidate tracking system is very broken! Your company and employees need to be keeping track of who they have gotten positive responses and resumes from and not be cold e-mailing the those same addresses every two to three weeks. Your failure to do so is, IMHO, a sign of real incompetence and could be considered harassment. And I do not wish to work with a company that fails to do such basic forms of due diligence.

Again please remove my resume from your records and do not contact me about available positions or opportunities.

For more information please review my "TomS Words or Wisdom" blog post on the subject and/or search Google for "Susan K. Kichline".
Is it just me, or are these folks at EEG Recruiting really just completely clueless?


Business Process Reengineering: AVA Recognized Vaulting Competitions 

The following is my Commentary giving a vision of what the process could be.

From a business process engineering point of view tasks like e-mailing the Official AVA membership list to the competition [fest] organizers should be almost automatic. Basically the fest manager / show secretary should fill out a form with all the "AVA Recognized Competition Application" information either in the Competition Management section of the members area on and/or in CompWeb. The website should then send the National Office Manager an e-mail and/or a "pending" list item asking him to confirm payment and approve or deny the "AVA Recognized Fest" status.
Next the website / membership database should automatically publish the event in the Calendar section of and send an e-mail to the AVA Competition Secretary, Vaulting World Editor, listed Judge(s) [per the application] and the Organizers confirming the approval. The e-mail to the Organizers should also include the requirements reminder / guide that the AVA Competition Secretary now sends, as well as links to fest management, publicity and sponsorship resources.
Then a few days after the close of entries the website should send the National Office Manager an e-mail and/or a "pending" list item asking you to approve the official membership list. Once he does, the website / membership database should e-mail the approved list. And CompWeb's Registration List should include a member/non-member column populated using a join with the approved list on AVA#. Based on a boolean compare with the US Citizen column CompWeb should also be able to highlight any registered participants who need pay a non-member fee.
A few days before fest, the website should send a reminder to the Organizers [and optionally to the listed Judge(s)] highlighting the "During Fest" requirements.
A few days after the fest the website(s) should: move the Calender item to a past events archive; e-mail AVA Competition Secretary the official membership list (and if in CompWeb the list / total number of non-members as computed); and e-mail a reminder to the Organizers of the "After Fest" requirements. CompWeb could also send a notice to National and any Regional Highpoint Secretaries if scoring was done in CompWeb.
This is of course the ideal, but it can serve as a vision of how this process could eventually work, and something that we can incrementally work toward.

Words of Wisdom: Do the Incredible 

To do the incredible,
set lofty goals,
and work in small steps,
to achieve them.

-- Tom Sayles


The Geek Jeep has passed on. 


After 360k miles, may she rest in peace ... or more likely ... in pieces.