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Sorry for the lack of posts. 

It's been a busy couple of weeks getting the Cascade Vaulters ready for our first public event. Which hasn't left much time to blog.
There have been many things that I've wanted to post about but never seem to have enough time. Things like: Installing a new stereo in my jeep.; Dog Sitting; CD-R Drive dead?; and my comments on a host of technology news items.


Hard Core Programming 

I spent most of Friday and Saturday cranking out code for the FAQ page I mentioned in my last post. I ported it to other parts of my web site, but there are still some essential features to implement before I can release it. It is the first serious database / software project I've done since beginning this blog. It felt really good to spend the better part of two days hunkered down and hacking out code. It's nice to know that the skills are still there, even though I haven't been using them much over the past couple of years. And the experience makes me think I should spend some more time trying to find a job where I can do this professionally again.


Database driven FAQ page 

I have created a database driven FAQ page for the Cascade Vaulters web site. I'm planning to make it portable to most websites running PHP & MySQL. This project is the first in a series working toward RaceWriter.