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RSS Feeds for Coppermine Photo Galleries 

I found and had installed a PHP script that generates an RSS feed for Coppermine Photo Galleries.

However the script has some bugs that prevented the feeds it generated from validating. So I had to debug it a bit. When I got it working on both my site and my Dad's site, I posted the revisions back to the Coppermine support forum where I found the script.


My.Yahoo Supports RSS Feeds!!!! 

I recently found that Yahoo has support for RSS headlines in beta for their portal service. I've already added this blog and my Dad's blog to page. And I've asked our hosting provider to install a small RSS script to our photo galleries. (I haven't had time yet to update the various templates with XML icons pointing to the feeds.)

Early access to G-mail!! 

Hey I got my favorate user name at Google's new gmail service.


Post Dated Blog Entries 

Can you post an entry to a Blogger site that uses a date in the future?

Evidently you can, but they don't show up until the first time you publish your blog after the Change Time & Date.

Tools for Editing Vaulting Music 

Recently I've been using Easy CD-DA Extractor for CD ripping and audio file format conversion. I've also been using GoldWave for editing music files. Finally I've been using Roxio's Creator Classic 6.0 for burning CDs (part of their Easy CD Creator package).


AVA Board of Directors in about 2006 

After much heart felt consideration, I regret to report that I'm just not ready to serve on the AVA Board of Directors. A few factors outside vaulting would make it difficult, at present, for me to commit the additional time and resources that a position on the Board deserves.

Serving on the Board is something that I eventually want to do, as I have many ideas about how we might improve our organization and our sport. And I had been thinking that I might run for a position starting in about 2006.

I sincerely regret that my decision may well leave Region III under-represented in the short term.


Web Site Overhaul 

Now that I've got my Dad's site about done, I'm working to overhaul my web site.

I'm giving up on FrontPage, in part because it doesn't output clean HTML and partly because I can't find my CDs to reinstall it on my desktop computer.

AVA Board of Directors. Me? 

Got an e-mail asking if I'd be willing to serve on the AVA's Board of Directors. I'm going to think about it over the weekend.


Cool Google Tool 

Google has a built in calculator!