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Recycling vs. Cable TV/Internet 

When I got home from work Friday afternoon I again found several Comcast (CATV) and Quest (phone) lines had been knocked down along our street (400 block of 98th Ave NE). This is the third time this summer that the Rabanco Recycling truck has apparently torn down these lines.

Like several of the neighbors I reported the incident to the Bellevue PD and they alerted Comcast & Quest. But it took almost 24 hours for our internet can cable TV service to be restored.


Tom as Head Coach!?! w/ New Vaulting Club in 2005 

Well it's official. On October 1st. I'll be taking over as the head coach of the Redwing Vaulters and shepherding the club through a major reorganization. Thankfully one of the parents, Therese Rogers, has agreed to serve as interim Club Manager.

After many wonderful years of support, Katy and the Duppongs have decided to take a few years off from vaulting. They have agreed to let us continue under the Redwing Vaulters name until the current AVA registration expires at the end of this year. This will give us time to finish the 2004 competition season and organize under a new club name and structure starting the first of next year.

From an equipment stand point we seem to be doing well. Unless there is an unexpected objection from the region, the new club should be able to take over the custodianship of the Region III barrel. Furthermore, Katy and the Duppongs have agreed to a long term loan of their black surcingle (complete with back pad)!

Our biggest challenge of the moment is that we're still looking for a practice venue.