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Using flash drive as swap 

I'm in the process of building a new home server, in a converted big hulking heavy steel AT server case, that will mostly get used for file serving, local http serving, and routing / firewall between my wired home LAN and the wireless router to/from the Internet. One of the setups I'm contemplating is using a $50ish flash drive as a swap partition and/or disk cache, and I'm wondering if this is a good idea. I know that it might not be as fast, but it might allow the HDDs to spend more time spun down.


A cure for Global Warming? 

Ground said rising at Yellowstone Park

Be careful what you wish/pray for, you might get it.  One sure fire way to end or at least postpone global warming would be for a full scale caldera eruption at Yellow Stone.  That would probably cause a volcanic winter, leading to many years "without summers" much like 1816.  If a caldera eruption induced volcanic winter causes enough snowfall and polar ice formation, the resulting reflective surface could cause enough solar radiation to bounce back into space to bring on the next ice age.

And at that point, we'll all need big SUVs to get around AND help the planet.

Telcom Immunity = Domestic Surveillance Cover-up 

Senators Cantwell & Murry --

    As a tech savvy constituent, I'm writing to make sure that you are aware of the truly devastating risk to civil liberties that the equipment widely reported (see links below) to have been installed at domestically strategic surveillance locations poses to American citizens living in the US.  It is very important to our future freedoms that these reports be fully, publicly and independently investigated as a condition of any blanket grant of immunity, epically if such an investigation might find that governmental officials exceeded their statutory authority.


    Thomas J. Sayles

Washington Post
A Story of Surveillance Former Technician 'Turning In' AT&T Over NSA Program

NY Times
U.S. Focused on Obtaining Long-Distance Phone Data, Company Officials Indicate
San Francisco Chronicle
Secret court may end up hearing AT&T illegal surveillance lawsuit
Legislation backed by White House would allow transfer

Seattle PI
NSA able to spy on AT&T users, group asserts, Internet advocates sue to end monitoring