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Liberated Music 

Alyssa --

    A few weeks ago you said that you're are interested in listening to new music that might be suitable for vaulting.

    Below are a bunch of links to sources of legal music downloads.  A number of them are to organizations I am familiar with including:
Most of the others are not.  In both cases be sure to use caution and common sense.

    Most of the artists on these sites should be independent of the RIAA record labels and look at the Internet as a way to publicize their works, promote their live performances and/or are simply making music because it is fun and they want to share it with the world. 

    The best opportunities of the future are in The Long Tail.

    Tom Sayles
    Head Coach, Cascade Vaulters


Google Snuffs Snuffy 

Google Snuffs Snuffy