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[howto] General 6.06 - SCRIPT: Take back the Firefox & Thunderbird logo - Ubuntu Support Forums 

This a way cool script for Dapper Drake.

[howto] General 6.06 - SCRIPT: Take back the Firefox & Thunderbird logo - Ubuntu Support Forums


Upgraded to 64 bit Ubuntu 

On after trying to print a complex document (with lots of other programs running) Wednesday morning, when I hot home Wednesday evening I found that my main desktop machine had hung (black screen / screen saver). I'm still not sure if this was due to a hardware issue (likely a hard drive write-back failure) or some other software bug. After a bit of fiddling attempting to recover, I went ahead and installed the AMD64 version of Ubuntu's recent Dapper Drake (ver 6.06) release onto an empty partition. It took a couple of passes to get it up and going, but all seems well at this point. I also had to set back up a few hardware items like my $29.99 HP Photosmart 1215 printer.

Fortunately all of my personal data was on a separate hard drive partition and was quickly and easily backed up to an external USB hard drive. So with the new Linux install I still have all my settings, preferences and data files.


Hard Drive Failure? 

I think the hard drive with the boot partition on my main desktop machine is on having problems. So my e-mail access on my soot-n-smoke account may be a bit flakly until I can diagnose it.

My /home is on a different disk and I'm running a complete back-up tonight.


Ten Years of 

It was ten years ago this month that I first registered the domain name.


First Bread 

The present from my parents was a "Breadman Ultimate" [TR2200C]. I opened it Thursday evening [6/8] because I was leaving for a competition in Canada on Friday. I also made the first loaf (1 lb) with it using the "100% Whole Wheat Bread" recipe from the Instruction Manual & Recipe Guide.
It's a nice machine with lots of features including three different loaf sizes, 1, 1.5 & 2 lbs. It cleans up easily.
My only problem so far is that the loaf shape is a bit awkward. The Breadman machine that my friend Josh has makes a tall skinny loaf that has the aspect ratio of a normal store loaf stood on end, and thus slices fit nicely in the toaster. The larger (2 lbs) loaf from my machine ends up being the same width as a normal loaf but taller.
This past week I've been working out a recipe similar to the one I used back when I lived with Josh. I'm going for sweet and dense with a flaky crust that isn't too bad nutritionally.


[Fwd: Important - Your Web Addresses have expired] 

I'm getting expiration notices for my domain, when I have in fact transfered it to another domain registrar, [Check]

This is either poor marketing on your part, or more likely a bug in your system.

Please pass this information on to your managers and automated mail system developers.

    Tom Sayles

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Bread Machine 

I think my parents sent me a bread machine for my birthday. But I won't know for sure until I open it in a few days. Gotta love that Amazon wish list.