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Made it Home Safely  

Just a quick post, letting everyone know that we made it home safely early this morning.  I'll be posting more about the trip in the next couple of days.


On the Way Home 

Nationals went well. Though it always seems like an
exercise in sleep deprivation.
Im now on the way back acrossthe midwest. Tonight well
sleep at Aunt Rebas BnB In northwest Iowa.


Virginia and Maryland 

<>We had a very long leg into Indiana. We didn’t pull in until about 5 AM so we ended up sleeping/camping for a few hours at the horse motel.

Pulled into Lexington Saturday night in good condition except for some sleep deprivation. The rest of the Emerald City contingent flew in Sunday morning. and after some sleep, a practice session, moving the horses from the layover stables to the competition site and dinner, I finally got on the road up to Maryland.<>

I spent Monday extracting items I want to move out to Washington from my storage unit. So far I’ve found almost everything I want to bring west. I plan to head back down to Lexington this afternoon.


Made it to Iowa 

Got through the digital phone wasteland of the
Rockies. On the way stopped at Wall Drug. Got a flat
in Rapid City. Got into Aunt Rebas B&B late. Kids,
horses & coaches are well.


Loading Up And Hauling Out 

I spent the night at Dreamswept Farm. This morning
were loading up kids and horses and hauling out.
Im posting this from my new phone.


Off to Nationals 2004 

I'm about to head out on the first leg of my trip to Nationals. Keep an eye on this, my blog, for more updates.


Packing for Nationals 

I well into the process of packing for my trip to the American Vaulting Association's National Champinoships in Lexington, VA.  I'll be leaving home for Dreamswept Farm on Monday afternoon and hitting the highway with the Emerald City Vaulters early Tuesday Morning.

With any luck, I'll be making posts to my blog from my phone along the way. But I probably won't be able to sift through my regular e-mail until I get home in about three weeks.  In the mean time if you need to e-mail me please use my yahoo account. 



I went with Chris & Gretta Cook this afternoon and watched the Cavalia performance. It was good show and highly recommended for those who are equestrian inclined. At $60+ it's kind of expensive for those not particularly interested in horses. Click here for the Seattle PI's review.

I also picked up a nice long sleeve tee shirt.


Beginner Vaulting Camp @ Dreamswept Farm 

I got to spend another fun Friday at Dreamswept Farm's Vaulting Camp, this time with the beginners.
Again the vaulters participated in hour long yoga, ballet and gymnastics classes. The vaulters also got to perform their compulsories and freestyle routines at the canter or trot for a small audience while I video taped. Later they got to perform their team barrel freestyle routines, again while I video taped. [Sorry I didn't get any still pictures of the horse work as I was too busy panning the camp's video camera.] After the team barrel freestyle routine performances, Tames Alan worked with the vaulters on their individual freestyle routines on the barrel. Then Tamea Denault worked with the vaulters on various skill building drills while I provided some near real time video/digital photo feed back.


Fireworks on the Forth 

Got a bunch of photos of the fireworks in Downtown Bellevue with my new camera last night. Including this one of my housemate Jen watching the fireworks from the front yard.


Advanced Vaulting Camp @ Dreamswept Farm 

I had lots of fun observing and helping out with the Advanced Vaulting Camp at Dreamswept Farm. I only got to attend on the last day, Friday.

I watched as the vaulters participated in hour long yoga, ballet and gymnastics classes before lunch. After lunch the Nancy Stevens-Brown [AVA President and renowned clinician] worked with the advanced vaulters on their team barrel freestyle routines.