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FW: WA - Horse Farms Bills 

For those that haven't heard about this issue, last year there was an administrative ruling in Olympia that reclassified equestrian facilities that didn't breed or sell horses (or some other agricultural product) such that they lost the tax breaks given to other commercial farms. 

The current effort in Olympia is aimed at restoring the long held position that horse boarding, training, and riding farms should qualify as Farm & Agriculture land for use and tax purposes.

This issue directly or indirectly effects many of the vaulting clubs in Washington. 

Please take a few minutes to call, write or e-mail your representatives in Olympia. Tell them about vaulting and ask them to support HB 1232, SB 5817 & HB 1733 (see below).


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Horse Farms Bills

Posted by: "Lori Lennox"

Thu Feb 5, 2009 5:03 pm (PST)

It's time to start contacting your elected officials about the following bills that will help ensure that horse boarding, training, and riding farms qualify as Farm & Agriculture land under the Open Space Taxation Act.

Need help finding your Reps? Go to http://www.washingt The links below will take you to the full text of the bills and the public hearing dates. And if your representative is one of the sponsors then thank them!

HB 1232 & SB 5817

Defining commercial agricultural purposes to include current farming practices and activities related to the raising, harvesting, feeding, breeding, managing, selling, care, or training of a farm product.

http://apps. billinfo/ summary.aspx? bill=1232& year=2009 &

http://apps. billinfo/ summary.aspx? bill=5817& year=2009

HB 1733

Concerning the property tax current use valuation programs. This bill clarifies the eligibility of equine operations

http://apps. billinfo/ summary.aspx? bill=1733& year=2009