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Neck x-ray & Injury Update 

Neck x-ray
Originally uploaded by TSayles
This is one of the x-rays of my neck taken on Nov. 22, 2009. The yellow circle shows where my neck bones have been displaced by a few millimeters.

I saw my primary care physician just after Thanksgiving weekend. Diagnosis was a sprained neck with a four to six week expected recovery time. Since then my recovery has progressed though it has plateaued over the last week or so. Early this week I made my first visit to a chiropractor, Dr. Brown, in Issaquah. But before he can do much for me he needs to see the x-rays. So that's how I ended up with a CD-ROM with my x-rays. I hope to get back in to see him again before I head down to Glendale for x-mass.

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