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Senate postpones consideration of spy bill 

In the news late this evening, it looks like the pressure is paying off.
Senate postpones consideration of spy bill - Yahoo! News:

Still Contact your Senator and ask for  S.2248 immunity to require "Full public disclosure" AND "Full assistance in the investigation and prosecution".

The biggest enemy of liberty and freedom is morals. Whit no morals you can be free to do any thing you feel like. And why we need big brother is to watch over the ones with no self morals. And then government will replace the parents on teaching morals with the fear of being caught. And why is the government in fear of being caught spying on people, It’s morally wrong? People who do not like being spy on have some think to hide. Why are they hiding it, It’s morally wrong? Because they where not taught good morals? This country is losing is morals, from the top down. The big question is why are we losing are morals? We need to find and fix the disease not the symptoms.
We aren't so much loosing our morals as discovering that while "good morals" once seemed to be a monolithic standard, they were in fact highly varied by location, ethnic group, education and local history. Advances in communication, transportation and the hard sciences [physics, chemistry and biology] have brought not only awareness of these differences in morals, but outright confrontations, especially where two groups both have strong but opposing morals.

The most tragic episodes in human history have occurred, in large part, because one group, usually in the form of an established and unopposed government imposed it's morals upon another group.

Rigid "fundamentalist" morals are the disease. It doesn't matter if those morals are based in radical Islam, reactionary evangelical Christianity, militant zionist Judaism, neo-fascistic socialism, ethnic bigotry or simple ignorance.

If you look at the greatest conflicts in the world today (and throughout history), most involve at least one of set these morals being imposed on others.

It will probably take another generation or two before humanity learns to marginalize fundamentalism in all its forms as antithetical to global peace, freedom and liberty. But in the mean time millions of lives will be tragically lost and many millions or perhaps billions more will suffer lifetimes of harsh repression.

I for one intend to work to prevent such a tragedies, and am ashamed that my government is committing human rights abuses both at home and abroad. To this end I have asked my representatives to hold my government accountable and am urging others to do the same.

Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death! -- Patrick Henry
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