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Fixing Deepest Sender again 

Back in August I took the time to patch the version of Deepest Sender (a blog posting add-on for Firefox) that I'm using to fix a date formating bug that prevents version 0.8.0 form working with Blogger.

I think a recent Firefox update some how reinstalled the unfixed version. So I had to reinstall my patched version tonight.

Coincidently I also got a comment tonight to my old August 18 post, asking if I had a patch to add Tag support now that Blogger supports tags.  While I don't have such a patch, I'd be willing to write one if I had the time and/or someone wanted to pay me to build one.

For $5, I'll make sure that tag support for Blogger is listed as a feature request on Deepest Sender's bug tracking (once MosDev's Bugzilla is back online). For $10 I'll e-mail the main developer. For $100, I'll work on it when I get a chance.  I figure for $1000 (or ten people at $100 each), I ought to be able to find / make the time before New Years.
[Remember, I'm a for-profit individual, so these gifts are not tax deductible.]

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