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Fixing Deepest Sender 

I was running into a problem with Deepest Sender not being able to post to my Blogger Blog. After much searching I found a post on that might help. (This post will be a test.)

deepestsender: Can't post to because of a date/time format error:The steps I followed were:
  1. I downloaded a fresh copy of the modified the "deepest sender-0.8.0-firefox+sm.xpi" file from
  2. Dug though the archives and made the replace "var iso8601 =;" with "var iso8601 =;" change to the "atom.js" per the posting.
  3. Saved the file to my desktop and replaced the one in the archives. This also involved saving a copy of the deepestsender.jar file to my desktop to update the "deepest sender-0.8.0-firefox+sm.xpi" file.
  4. I also updated the version number in both the install.rdf and install.js files to append my initials, aka 0.8.0-TJS.
  5. I uninstalled deepest sender 0.8.0 and restarted firefox.
  6. I dragged the updated deepest sender-0.8.0-firefox+sm.xpi file from my desktop to the firefox address bar, reinstalled and restarted firefox.
  7. I deleted my blogger account from deepest sender and readded it with my blog's url as the posting url.
And it now seems to be working again!!!
My fixed xpi file is here.
Also it looks like the fix was made in the CVS source at, so it should be in the next official release.

Thanks for fix!

Do you have any patch with tag support? +)))
I don't have a patch with Tag Support. If I had the time and/or someone willing to pay me, I wouldn't mind writing one.
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