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RSS and Podcasting 

As I've been spending plenty of time in my Jeep driving to and from composite team practices, so I decided to look into this thing I heard about called "podcasting". It turns out to be a really amazing confluents of technologies, primarily portable digital media players (like the iPod) and Really Simple Syndication [RSS]. It feels like a "killer app" on the up swing to me. [By a "killer app" I mean a wildly popular application looking for supporting technologies, not cool new technology in search of a use.] So I'm setting out to become an expert in it, in the hops that it will lead me back into being a well paid professional computer geek.

As soon as I get a few more bits set up, I hope to start a podcast version of this blog (that I can create content for while I'm driving) and maybe a "PunFight" podcast.

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