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Feature Request: structured Blog Entries for Hello/Picassa 

I've been using Google's Picassa to manage my pictures for the past several weeks. It's really cool tool. Highly recommended.

This evening I posted a couple of pictures right from Picassa using their Hello product/service. It left a little to be desired so I sent folks at Hello/Picassa/Google a feature request that more or less said the following.

I'd like the next version of Hello to include a more structured way to post pictures to my Blogger blogs. I'd especially like the ability to give posts a title and more options for posting multiple images. I'd also like to see more formatting options for the resulting posts. Maybe by adding a CSS reference to my template pointing to some Hello/Picassa/Google defined styles used in posts via Hello.

No reply required, just pass this on to your development team.

Oh yah... a Linux versions of Picassa, Hello, etc. would be nice too. [I'm using Debian w/ Gnome.]

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