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Atom & Blog "Plug-ins" 

I've been exploring Weblogs lately. I read a few on a regular basis, generally just from bookmarks. Recently I set up a web log for my Dad, as that seem to be what he really needs as far as a web site. In doing so came across the Atom API. The more I learn about the technology behind weblogs the more it looks like a "power to the people" kind of "killer app" in it's early stages. Much like HTTP and HTML did in the early '90s.

While I'm only tangentially interested in the syndication and aggregation side, I'm very interested in the authoring side. Specifically in developing a few 'blog plug-ins. An example a 'blogger might have a home weather station that reports temp, pressure, humidity, etc. and want to post the local conditions on his weblog. If enough 'bloggers could regularly post this data to their weblogs using a standardized schema it might be of interest to weather researchers and forecasters. This could be easily accomplished with a plug-in that runs on the 'blogger's home PC and regularly posts the local weather conditions and station / location info to the weblog via the Atom API.

Again while I've got numerous ideas, I haven't got as much time to work on them as I'd like. If you're also interested drop me a note.

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